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East India Grill Restaurant Menu

India is a land so rich in tradition has seen the rise of many civilizations. It would be surprising if Indian food had remained untouched by the hands of history. Every dish is a feast in itself. There is a misconception about Indian cuisine that the food is supposed to be hot and spicy. Rather, the spices are the ingredients that give the food its delicious flavor and taste and can be adjusted to the individual palate. Enjoy our wonderful hospitality, great ambiance, good music and our food art. We thank you for the opportunity of being part of our dining experience at East India Grill.

We have a full bar available everyday serving an extensive cocktail list, beers and wine to go with any dish you select. East India Grill also offers take out and catering for your parties or events. Download our PDF Restaurant Menu for eat in and take out.
Download our PDF Catering Menu for your next party or company event.

*GF marked items = Gluten Free All rice dishes, papadum, pakoras and cornbread are gluten free Samosas, naan, roti and cheese cake do contain gluten.
**Confirm with your server for actual menu prices as they may vary from our website.

Appetizers and Soups


Indian Breads

No meal can be complete without exquisite Naan!
This warm bread is excellent as an appetizer or accompaniment to any meal.

From the Tandoor

Each dish below is served with basmati rice. All dish from the tandoor are Gluten Free.

East India Grill Specialties

Side Orders

Seafood Entrees

Each dish is served with basmati rice. All Seafood Entrees Gluten Free.

Lamb Entrees

Each dish below is served with basmati rice. All Lamb Entrees are Gluten Free.

Chicken Entrees

Each dish below is served with basmati rice. All Chicken Entrees are Gluten Free.

Vegetarian's Delight

Each dish below is served with basmati rice. All Vegetarian Entrees are Gluten Free.

Dessert Selections

** Some actual prices may vary when you visit the restaurant.