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About East India Grill Restaurant

Every dish is a feast in itself. There is a misconception about Indian cuisine that the food is supposed to be hot and spicy. Rather, the spices are the ingredients that give the food their delicious flavor and taste and can be adjusted to the individual palate.

Relax, enjoy our wonderful hospitality, great ambiance, good music and our food art. We thank you for the opportunity of being part of your dining experience.

We are not affiliated with any chain restaurant company which gives us the advantage of flexibility. We are an open-minded, community-oriented company that strives for excellence in whatever it does, whether it is exceptional food, superior service or community involvement.

The management team at east India grill has over 30 years of Restaurant management experience. Through this experience, we have learned to modify and adapt basic restaurant standards to better service our community.

We invite you to come and experience the taste of India.